Featured Stitcher

Welcome to our ‘Feature Stitcher’ page, where one of our members share their stitching story and show us some of their work.

Betty Snell Biography

I went to school at Longbush with my twin sister Margaret.  Mrs Walker, our teacher’s wife taught us stitches on sugar bag.  We made potholders and simple things.  I went to Southland Technical College and took Homearts, and Embroidery was a subject.  I loved it along with sewing.  I learnt so much with good teachers, and when I sat School Certificate, I got good marks.  I made all of my own clothes as Margaret And i dressed alike until we went to work. Embroidery was on the collars of our dresses.

After I was married I started part time work and went to Night tech with tau-Mai as we worked together, Estelle Shaw was our tutor who taught us a lot of basics – bookmarks, canvas work, linen work. She told us about the Guild and we joined in 1984. In the early days we did linen work, pulled thread sachets, small tray cloths, and cross stitch which was popular then. The main tutors were Estelle, Nan Smith, Esther Gunn, Dorothy Barton from Gore, and Alice Van Barten. Jean Young was a big influence as I liked what she embroidered. I have always gone to many workshops from visiting tutors and have enjoyed learning new types of embroidery. I first went to Wanaka Embroidery School in 1993 and I have learnt something new each year. It is good to stay with guild members and making friends from other guilds.

Embroidery has changed a lot, working with felts and blanketing which is good to try, making it more creative now. I enjoy embroidery and value friendships and my time at the guild. I have exhibited in Invercargill, Gore and Queenstown, and have won 2 awards, as well as being a guest exhibitors at Riversdale Arts Exhibition. I lead a craft group at church, where they learn crafts and simple embroidery. I have been invited to speak and show my work, where I always promote the guild.  I like to share patterns and help people with stitches. Thank you to all the tutors over the years with their inspiration and encouragement.  I have served as President twice and been on the committee several times.


Linley Peake Biography

I can’t remember a time that I have not done embroidery.I have fond memories of spending the winter evenings sitting by the fire doing embroidery with my mother.It was traced supper clothes in those days.

On arriving in Invercargill I was lucky in having classes with the late Hetty Green who taught me something of other types of embroidery.I also enjoy other crafts such as lacemaking,egging and card making.

DSC09535 DSC09538


The tray clothe above is Linley’s first embroidery done when a child.

DSC08962 DSC08970


DSC08991 DSC08977


DSC09002 DSC08999


DSC09011 DSC09026


DSC09024 DSC09029


DSC09051 DSC09038


DSC09045 DSC09062


DSC09060 DSC09013

DSC09017 DSC08974


June Gough Biography

I started doing stamped embroidery at about 12 years old. Then when I got married and had children I was too busy. After my daughter got married she started cross stitch and bought me a kit. I then taught myself Hardanger but didn’t want to cut it so enquired at W.E.A but they didn’t have any classes however they did give me the name of a lady that did, Hetty Green, so I went to classes with her.There I learned other types of embroidery and then joined the Southland Guild.

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