Southland Tapestry – History of Fishing

The Tapestry is progressing well and will be completed in March.  Everyone has taken part by doing some stitching.




2016 McGowan Trophy – “A Floral Picture”

Kay & Christine P1010304

Kay warden was the winner of the McGowan trophy with her Charles Rennie Macintosh Roses beautifully stitched in Cross Stitch.

She was presented with the trophy by Christine Whitaker at the Christmas Dessert Evening.  There were several other lovely entries for the trophy stitched by the members as follows:

P1010290 P1010288 P1010287 P1010281 P1010280 P1010279 P1010278 P1010276 P1010275

2015 McGowan Trophy Entries and Christmas Dessert Evening





“Time For Tea” was the theme of the 2015 McGowan Trophy competition

The photos are of some of the entries.  It is interesting how everyone interprets a theme in such a variety.  The winner of the trophy was Sheila Larsen with a finely detailed Hardanger Cloth.  Photos below:


We were honoured to have visit us for this evening, the ANZEG National President Pauline Cosgrove Haggerty, who spoke about many aspects of ANZEG, followed by yummy desserts.  What a great way to finish a year of fellowship, stitching and learning.




Freda Gorton’s Embroidery Display

October 2015

At a recent meeting Freda Gorton showed us some of the extensive collection of her wonderful embroidery.  She also entrained us with stories and quips about the inspiration for some of the projects she has made over her years of embroidery. It was an inspiration to us all to see the variety of wonderful embroidered articles she has made.


ANZEG Southern Regional Exhibition Winners


ANZEG Southern Regional Exhibition Winners 2015 from Southland Embroiderers Guild

Nancy Piercy – Ivy Pollard Memorial Award for her NZ postage stamp design based on a 1936 Anzac postage Stamp

Jan Gibb – ”Moonshine’s Treasure” in the Contemporary Section

– “Countryside Meandering” in the Hokonui Reflections Section was awarded a Judges Award

Tania Matthews – “Always Looking (Fishing) In the Bag” in the Fishy Business 3D section

The Guild was pleased to have 10 entries from the members which showcased the wide  variety of work the members are involved in


April 2015

Display at Garston Friendship Day


April 2015

Several of our members attended the Garston Friendship Day.  Here are photos of our display there.  The Little Silk paper Bells were made by Taumai as part of one of our workshops last year.

December 2014

The winner of the 2014 McGowan Trophy Transform the transfers”was Nancy Piercy with this shower cloth embroidered in shadow work.








Some pix from the Christmas party at Noeline’s home



November 24th 2014

At our November meeting we held a ‘Show and tell’ of our members’ 2014 work






August 2014 Conference in Taranaki



The above is our group display at the 2014 conference.The cupcakes and teacups were each made by a different embroiderer.The background tea set embroidered by Jan Gibb.

Textures of Taranaki Conference in New Plymouth – July 2014

By Di Forbes:an account of her time at conference.

 What a wonderful experience it was going to the conference and taking a 4 day workshop afterwards.  The start was interesting, with Betty & I flying to Chch, then Wellington in a plane which had a faulty air compression unit.  We were seemingly the only ones on the plane to suffer bad earache from the pilot’s manual operation of the unit. We were to be seen oddly sniffing Olbas Oil in hot water throught the drinking spout of polystyrene coffe cups, which the hostess supplied! It did help though.


Extensions Day  –  The guest speakers were Annette Garcia, an embroiderer from Nelson, and Tyler Cann, who is the curator in New Plumouth for the Len Lye Foundation. We also did a very quick workshop, drawing quick pieces inspired by listening to 10 different pieces of music from classical to heavy rock. Were there shapes I doodled that could be inspiring as a stitch theme – yes there were, but time alone will tell.  As there isn’t an active Extensions group locally, both Manawatu & Cook Strait Guilds offered to adopt me as a distance member – good on them.


Guest Speakers/Tutors  – Hilary Hollingworth from Huddersfield and Sheila Mortlock from Dundee in Scotland were the inspring guest tutors/speakers. Both are contemporary stitchers. Hilary’s works are done using weaving and darning stitches, often taken to new heights (literally, as they can stand quite proud from the surface fabric), and in bright colours with her Indian inspired pieces.  Sheila has made a series of work based on the cutting marks that medievel masons made on stone churches and cathedrals, by interpreting the marks in stitch. They both use different media in a ‘sketchbook’ to work on themes & ideas for stitching.  I understand the benefit in doing this for designing your own work as I’ve used a similar method successfully at one of the Wanaka workshops.


ANZEG Executive  New Executive members were appointed. Our president is Pauline Cosgrove-Haggerty from Christchurch, The secretary is Helen Gallagher & the treasurer is Lorraine Hunger. If you’d like to know the rest of the Exec, have a look on the ANZEG website:


Tapestry Trust  A few of the near completed panels were on the display and we were told that the designer for the Trust has been so busy, that he’s had to take on two assistants to help with the work.  Photos from various panels and stitchers etc can be viewed at:


Laura Hudson’s 4 day workshop:  ‘Colour, Texture & Mark – Gelatin Printing on Fabric & Paper

I had a wonderful time in this workshop with 7 other women. Who would’ve thought one could have so much fun with babywipes, rubber gloves & kitchen wrap!  We did heaps of monoprinting with gelatine plates, using cheap acrylic paint laid on with a brayer. We also used masks and stencils etc to get interesting images printed onto kitchen wrap or fabric.  The images on paper were then stuck onto calico with watered down PVA to create a surface on which to stitch.

Laura was an excellent and laid back tutor, who had heaps of examples and loads of resources, so we all had a ball. During the four day workshop I tried heaps of new things, even printing onto patterned pleated fabric and I have loads of printed fabric & paper fabric  onto which I could stitch up a storm.  Stitching…? I only did a couple of hours of that, (the printing was so exciting), with heaps of post workshop stitching ahead!


Merchants Mall  What a visual feast for the eyes and the stitching mind this was, despite the disappointing dim lighting in the main hall area. There were so many stalls that you needed heaps of time or more than one visit to look at everything. On my second visit I intended just to match a thread at Jane Van Keulen’s stall, but, alas alack, I got waylaid by my very own self and ended up spending quite a bit more.


The Guild Dispays were an interesting mixture between fun and fastidious. I was delighted to see that one display asked the viewer to rearrange their pieces (all ¼ circles) to make an interesting picture, then take a photo, email it to them and they’d put them all on a website for viewing. Photo taking otherwise was actively discouraged. One of my favourites, by the Coromandel Guild, consisted of 49 interlocking jigsaw shaped pieces which created an image of a pohuatakawa tree in flower. The colours were beautifully co-ordinated, seemlessly mounted on the jigsaw shapes and made a gorgeous display.


Overall it was great to be be at my first embroidery conference and to share a dorm with Betty and two lovely woman from the North Island. The dorms & lounge were rather typical of a boys boarding hostel (read violently attacked furniture and much graffiti) and you could tell that the kitchen staff were used to feeding hollow legged teens. Rolls for lunch made the previous day and kept overnight in the fridge weren’t a particular favourite and the massive size of the pork chops one night had to be seen to be believed. It would’ve been great to see the work done in other workshops, but the differing lengths of them meant this wasn’t really possible.


Here’s some other sites passed on by tutors that are worth a view. Some of them I had better luck getting to by going to ‘Googlesearch’ once I had typed in the address, rather putting www in front.  (Sheila’s work)

On Facebook look for Calicostitch & Scottish Embroidery Tutors


–  Di Forbes

Garston Day 12th April

The display at Garston of some of our members’ work:



March 2014

Over the past few months 4 members or former members of our Guild have past away. Estelle Shaw and Nan Smith were life time members who had been involved with our Guild from its earliest days, Diana Calvert a past president and Jean Speirs, who along with her 2 daughters had been active in the Guild for many years. Nan’s work has been featured in our gallery.We give our condolences to their families and friends.

2013 McGowan Trophy

The competion was “Yes its red!” Kaye Warden won with her embroidered embroidery tool kit roll.019 023024

Here is a small selection of other items entered into the MCGowan trophy, you can see for yourselves how hard it it to select just one recipient of the cup!






September 6th 2013  

Southern Regional Exhibition Opening at Southland Museum

Elaine Little,Betty Snell,Jan Gibb,Julie Barber S.E.G winners

Elaine Little,Betty Snell,Jan Gibb,Julie Barber S.E.G winners

Success! All of us from Southland Embroiderers’ Guild congratulate Elaine, Betty, Jan and Julie on being category winners in the Southern Regional Exhibition.

(See photographs of their winning entries on the Exhibition page)

It is always delightful to catch up with former members of our Guild.

Sue Milligan, was an active member of our Guild for years but now is a member of Otago Guild, but living in Christchurch. It was great to catch up with her once again.Thank you for travelling so far to our day.


Sue Milligan a former Southland Guild member.

Sue Milligan a former Southland Guild member.

Please go to the Exhibition page for the Award results, more photographs from the Exhibition opening at the Southland Museum. Also photographs from our Regional day meeting.

August 24-25th 2013

Embroidery workshop with Jane Van Keulen

Jane tutored a workshop on Linen lace. She had dyed an unusual fabric many different colours, then we set down a base grid on it and will embroider on and around the grid building it up in layers to produce a woven lace effect.


Industrious embroiderers hard at it!



Who could resist this treasure trove? (No one tried!)


Elaine and Lyn setting up the base grid(left photo). Jane (on the far right) giving advice.

A great time was had by all, Jane is a brilliant teacher. We all worked hard between morning teas, expansive lunches and afternoon teas organised by a very busy Linley Peake.

Do refer to our Resource page for Jane Van Keulens further contact details and information  but here is her website link:


Linen Lace Workshop

This is what we all hope to achieve!


July 2013

At the July meeting six ladies from The Southern Patchworkers and Quilters Circle displayed their work and told us about their many fun and varied projects. They certainly do some diverse patchwork, all of it brilliant!

Ladies from the Southern Patchwork and Quilter's circle

Southern Patchworkers

Ladies from the Southern Patchwork and Quilter’s circle

June 2013

A group of us went to Balclutha for a friendship day which everyone enjoyed.There was an fascinating talk about her textiles trip to India given by Wendy Johnstone.

This year’s winner of the Miss Moran Trophy is The Otago Guild .The traditional section being won by Barbara Smith with an embroidered pin cushion and the construction section winner being Hazel Barron with a little shoes featuring Goldwork.

Display table at Balclutha Friendship day 2013

Display table at Balclutha Friendship day 2013

Otago Guild's display table at Balclutha Friendship day

Otago Guild’s display table at Balclutha Friendship day

Elaines Little's pig just completed and shown at a work night

Elaines Little’s pig just completed and shown at a work night

May 2013

At the monthly meeting one of our members Kaye Warden spoke about her lifelong interest in Embroidery.She showed a samples of her work as well as some things from her collection of Japanese kimonos and Chinese embroideries.

006  004

April 2013

We are very fortunate to have Jan Gibb of BJ Colourways as one of our members, she took a dyeing workshop at Pam’s home this month. Fabrics, laces and threads all suitable for embroidery were dyed in her garage and fun was had by all!

Crop_01 Dyeing group at Pams

March 2013

March is always a busy month for members who choose to go to the Wanaka Embroidery school organised by the Dunedin based Otago Embroidery Guild. For those of us who didn’t make it to the school, members who went had a show and tell of their work at the monthly meeting.There are some brilliant embroideries in the making.

January 2013

We started 2013 with a lovely day at Noeline Collie’s . It was nice to have our Regional Representative Margaret Kennedy Noeline and Shirley Jacquery visit us from Dunedin.A good number of our members were there sharing lunch and afternoon tea and catching up after our summer break.

December 2012

2012 Winner of the McGowan trophy


The topic for the competition was ‘Cover me please.’

A beautifully embroidered cover for her e-reader won Ngaire Webster the McGowan  trophy cup for 2012.

037  041

Other entries for the completion included covered buttons, a blue bejewelled book  cover, a woollen teapot cosy and Rococco stitch silk bag.

019  028

021  024